Monday, 24 November 2008

Woven Magic

Image credit ROB

Footsteps fall softly like the golden leaves,
Floated down to earth on an autumn breeze,
Sunlight streams through bare branches with ease,
Through sleeping living skeletons of trees,
Did my eyes deceive me or were you there?
Did you see me stop still stand and stare?
Are you a ghost of a shadow in my mind?
Or had you waited there for me to find?

The steps led up and climbed round bronzed banks,
Tall trees stood proudly in ordered ranks,
Did you send music not making a sound?
With calls to climb up to higher ground,
Did you show a bridge polished by the hands
Of thousands who wandered through these lands?
Curving close over a fast running stream,
That danced below, or was it a dream?

Did I stand on the bridge and hear this song
Laugh as it told me where I belong?
When I gently touched the rings of time,
Was everything simply reflected in rhyme?
In that moment did I see mountains high
Birthplace of the young stream bubbling by,
And also watch it grow regal and flow
Far beyond sight yet its’ destiny know?

I believe you showed yourself to me,
Beside the tallest graceful silver tree,
Reflecting moonlight’s soft white sheen,
The most wondrous animal ever seen,
Your breath mingled with a silent sigh,
I was reborn as it passed me by,
Of all the creatures ever been born,
None match the magic of the Unicorn.

Image credit DOUGY

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