Friday, 7 November 2008


Stand tall, touch the sky then reach beyond,
Discover the stardust where it now lies,
Shine then show the way of the wise,
And you will have found your magic wand.
Hold it high in the dark of the night,
When ignorance rules with sightless eyes,
With arrogance deaf to warning cries
And proudly wears a mask of might.

Like moonlight magic silently sings,
With love from the star that gave it birth,
Bound by time and space to earth,
It flies to the heavens on silver wings,
I hear waves of music dance on air,
Thought fights to find the words to write
A description of every colour in white,
And win the mantle one moment can wear.

Life is the only thing we own,
All days spent learning in the light
Increases wisdom to share in night,
I wondered if my shadow had grown,
I now know that I dance alone,
No one hears the song that I sing,
I am not able to ever bring,
Warmth with a heart made of stone.

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