Sunday, 16 November 2008

The Camera does not Lie

Image credit Nasa. The young star Fomalhaut and planet. For a full explanation please go to
Astronomy Picture of the Day

Who is now looking at whom?
Through this camera’s eye I see,
The past looking straight at me,
The future forever seeking room,
Both brought on waves of light,
Silently captured for today,
Singing songs of yesterday
So tomorrow’s dawn breaks from night.

Change is time’s sharpened arrowhead,
The shaft holds history’s might,
Hope, lighter than feathers, aids flight
Beyond the tried and failed, instead
Guides thought toward the unknown,
To break the barriers of pride,
Open doors of ignorance wide,
To what creation has always shown.

A young star is masked so we might hear,
An ancient story slowly unfold,
Around a sleeping giant it is told,
With music of the night ever near,
Let this vision open my eyes,
As in the mirror I may learn,
The fires of truth with knowledge burn,
And wisdom within their warmth lies.


ADB said...

That is an awesome picture, Liz. Thanks for sharing it, and the site.


Indigo said...

What a delicate play of serenity. Thanks for sharing hon. (Hugs)Indigo