Sunday, 24 May 2009

Give Us Time

'Give Us Time' From Colour Contrast Continuity

Silence holds every single sound,
Carries the power to end noise,
That invades our sense with no worth,
And delivers bedlam to destroy pure poise.

I fight the destruction of noise,
That invades my mind and my thought,
My ammunition is music,
And it echoes every battle I’ve fought.

I died in the past full of lies,
I died in the present you played,
I died before the future came,
Where ignorance shall be forever slayed.

There is no marker for my grave,
I lived silently and so died,
I am of no worth in this world,
That gives nothing to those that have not lied.

Send not to ask for whom the bell
Tolls, throughout the long day and night,
Listen to the silence that rings
Changes, to bring darkness toward the light.


This picture was given to me while I looked.

The words were given to me while I listened.

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Rose~* said...

Wonderful picture and insightful words, Liz. Thanks for sharing with us.