Friday, 16 July 2010

Deleted but not forgotten

I have posted two entries that I have subsequently deleted.
These attracted comments of support from some very caring people that unfortunately have been deleted with the articles.
I am not a courageous person and my first article dealt with the fact that I had turned my back on my responsibilities not only as a Veterinary surgeon but also as a decent human being.
I then realised that my article might adversely affect the public’s faith in the Veterinary profession as a whole. It is far to late for me to report the events to The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. This is what I should have done over 25yrs ago.
I would only strongly advise any new Veterinary graduate to purchase a loud whistle when they receive their degree. Then use it if necessary to blow a hole in the fabric of any web of lies they find trying to smother their belief in their vocation.

I can only apologise profusely to those who took time to offer their support. I am not worthy of such friends.

I am not worthy of ever being a veterinary surgeon. I betrayed my vocation when I failed to report the abuse it was given by others.

I asked God to help me in the second article.
I am not worthy of that either but from what I believe of God that will not stop Him.


Andy said...

Of course you are worthy both as a friend and a veterinary surgeon. One thing that having treatment for cancer has taught me is that this is now- you can not change the past only make the future better. It can be a struggle at times but along the journey I have made lots of special friends, including you.


DB said...

You are worthier than most because you care. Like Andy said the future is what you have in your hands now. And maybe that includes your advice about the whistle.


Jeanie said...

I am like Andy Liz.
I live in the moment. Having cancer enhanced that outlook of mine big time!
I never dwell in the past. If I touch on it fleetingly in my mind I am reminded that some of it wasn't pleasant at times, so why go back to annoy myself. Life is too short to create a 'Ground Hog Day' every day for myself.
May happiness come your way soon.
God bless.