Thursday, 8 July 2010


I have retrieved some comments from my spam folder on AOL
Why they were sent there when at least one sender is in my ADDRESS BOOK I have no idea.
Is this why people have said they are unable to comment?
I rarely look at my spam folder.
I apologise to anyone who has been unable to comment.
It seems I should look for another provider if I am to stay online.

'IN THE DARK'From From Visual Counterpoint . com


Rose~* said...

I haven't been at my computer much as we are in the midst of a summer "heat wave", and it is too darn hot to fire up the computer and read blog updates. From what I've noticed in the comments lately, many have had problems with AOL mail, folders going into the wrong ones, not being able to open their mail, etc, etc. Hang in there, Liz. My mail was so slow for quite some time, but tonight it was really quick. ((HUGS))

Connie said...

My mail opened up for me today for the first time in weeks. I got your untitled -God help me,but it has been deleted. I am so very sorry you are suffering so. I have things battling in my head that disturb me very much and I am trying not to dwell on them and go on.One is about my mother and the circumstances about her leaving my care,my heart and my life..but I will survive and you too will ,my friend,let go of what you cannot change -don't dwell on it or it will consume your very being..You are always in my heart and on my mind dear friend,even when I don't visit here as often as I should...I CARE!!!

Connie said...

Liz-I would like you to try one more photo group. Here they only give compliments and awards..but it is not a contest..just members appreciating each others photographs...please consider...