Saturday, 3 July 2010

Natural Climber

'A NATURAL CLIMBER' From Visual Counterpoint

The scent of honeysuckle clings to my memory,
With summer evenings walked down a winding lane,
With hedges too high for a child to see,
My thirst was quenched by the sweetest rain.
'SWEET RAIN' From Visual Counterpoint

The only lights were high above in the sky,
Until one fell to earth and I was told,
To make a wish as it passed by,
I was merely a child but I was bold.
'ILLUSIVE MAGIC' From Visual Counterpoint

I lived my dream through a lifetime of care,
My star carried music from heaven above,
I caught an illusive magic so rare,
And knew I held the meaning of love.
'LINGERING SCENT'From Visual Counterpoint

Now the honeysuckle only brings tears,
As I try to walk between hedge and hell,
Fighting to overcome irrational fears,
A lingering scent climbs with every word I spell.

Last Sunday I badly twisted my knee and damaged my medial ligament severely.
It has given me a very good excuse not to fight the fear of the terrible noise recurring that made me feel so ill when walking on the canal towpath where the wild honeysuckle is flowering.
Today was the first day I was able to take the dogs out and I was glad I was unable to get as far as the honeysuckle.
Although I have in fact managed to walk this part of the canal twice since the incident it has been an unpleasant experience both times. The second time the sound of a narrow boat coming up behind me at the exact same spot made me very dizzy and I almost fainted.
I have been unable to get any photographs this year of the honeysuckle despite the glorious weather; therefore all the accompanying pictures have been taken from last year’s not previously posted here or on my website.
I hope that when I am fit enough to reach the place that caused me so much distress the one bad memory will have faded and all I will think about is the beauty of a natural climber.

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Jeanie said...

What beautiful words and photos Liz.
I wish you a speedy recovery from your torn medial ligament. That must be so painful! As if you haven't got enough on your plate.
Take care of yourself.
Jeanie x