Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Memory has much to answer for

'THE RIVER SEEMS TO STAND STILL' From Visual Counterpoint

When time takes a moment to remember,
And the river seems to stand still,
Then I hear the music you sing,
Clouds gather; and my heart they fill,
With hope for the future they rise,
Taking from the sea of my thought,
A single stream to run free,
With love such a dream is caught.

'DREAM CATCHER' From Visual Counterpoint

The dream lives within my mind,
The net is only laid at my feet,
How could this catch my thoughts?
When they fly so easily, complete,
Away from the pain of life,
As light flies into the night,
Carried as shadows they dance,
On a stage only set for a fight.

1 comment:

Rose~* said...

I loved your photo of "dream catcher" - I have always tried to take one of a spider web, but mine never do turn out very good, at all.