Friday, 14 May 2010

Real Pain

'WHERE IS THE MUSIC' From Visual Counterpoint

Where is the music that can raise my soul?
Where is the sound that can touch my heart?
Where is the composer that can write the notes
That soars above the earth beneath my feet?

I listen hard yet hear nothing that drowns
The sheer destructive noise that surrounds
I live a life that must shrink from reality.

'WHERE IS THE TRUTH' From Visual Counterpoint

Where is the truth I was taught as a child?
Where is the justice I was lead to believe in?
Where are the words written for the song
That only lives with music?

I listened hard and heard nothing to crown,
The loud destructive noise that would drown
I therefore live far away from reality.

I am trying very hard to live with building work from neighbours on all sides.
They have no idea of the hell noise creates for me.
I live in hell every day.
Sometimes the noise seems more than I can bear but since I am still here tonight I must have carried it yesterday and today and so I can only try again tomorrow to do even better.

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