Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Rite of Spring

'A TANGLED WEB' From Visual Counterpoint

What a tangled web one lie weaves,
The colour it creates when alive
Surrounds sound and will strive
To strangle truth and music leaves.
The cacophony that follows,
To the baton that is waved,
Gives the chaos craved
By crowds, lying in the hollows.

'HANGING BY A THREAD' From Visual Counterpoint

Where light lingers to illuminate a leaf,
A moment shows the colour it creates,
Here is the day that dawn debates,
Hanging by a thread holding joy and grief,
Here is music waiting to be found,
Held within hands that seek to play
To the passing night and coming day,
While time’s rhythm beats the ground.

'WALK THEN DANCE' From Visual Counterpoint

I walk on water and dance on air,
All moments that I live colour my life,
I create present future from past strife,
A field of dreams I plant because I care,
That the ground should hold the best
Safe and sound, sensitive and strong,
Where all lost souls yearn to belong,
Free and finally at rest.

'COLOUR ME IN BLACK AND WHITE' From Visual Counterpoint

My brothers favourite music was 'The Rite of Spring' by Igor Stravinsky.
He was born in May and this song is for him.

He was the greatest pacifist I have ever personally known.

He was quite simply the best brother any girl could ever have.


nothing profound said...

Absolutely exquisite photos, and a poignant tribute to your brother. Stravinsky once said: "My music is best understood by animals and children." One must have that openness, that innocence.

Rose~* said...

Wonderful photos, Liz - tangled webs, indeed. Egads, I've just noticed a spider with it's web on my sundeck. I need to do some Spring cleaning, so hope I don't wash it away!

DB said...

"I create present future from past strife." Thank you. That is the formula for every day.