Sunday, 25 September 2011

Wonderland Wonders

'CATCH YOU UP LATER' From Visual Counterpoint

"I’m late, I’m late," the White Rabbit cries,
"Unless it is that my pocket watch lies",
The neutrinos dance through another dimension,
Leaving the world held in suspension.

A flying carpet is made in haste,
The White Rabbit leaps on with no time to waste,
The Cheshire cat grins with the ghost of a frown,
And waits for the circus clowns to leave town.

When silence at last descends on the land,
The neutrinos return to drop like sand
Through the hourglass blown by the wind for the rain,
And patiently wait to be timed out again.


Rose~* said...

Seems like all I'm doing lately is rushing around in circles most of the time. I can totally relate to your poem, and I love your photo. Can I ask where it was taken? Thanks.

Liz said...
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