Thursday, 1 September 2011

Barriers to Understanding


I have been fighting the debilitating effects of a headache for the past week; this is something I am used to doing, as it is due to the chronic migraine I suffer. I decided to take the dogs out early this morning to attempt to walk the Pennine trail while it was less busy and hopefully without ‘strobe’ bicycle lights coming toward me. I would like these banned.
I was doing quite well until accosted by a man who had just joined the trail with his small dog in tow. My new dog Lucy was determined to attempt to wrap herself in his lead in order to communicate her delight at meeting his dog and played deaf to my calls. I apologised for my lack of control over her and muttered that I had a bad headache hoping that would excuse it. Luckily for me he was not bothered but then unluckily for me he then launched into a history of his own experiences of bad headaches, which he solved with yoga. My reply that it didn’t work for me did not faze him and then ignoring my statement that my condition was due to trauma he said his wife was a therapist. I was left in no doubt as to what kind of therapist as the conversation unfolded. He asked if I was blood group O. Unfortunately for him he had guessed incorrectly but he recovered with the next most common blood group A and followed with the statement that all group A people should be vegetarian. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Laugh at such a ridiculous idea or cry for the person who was capable of believing such rubbish. I decided to believe that I had misheard him, which is always a possibility.
He then jogged about ten yards up the Pennine trail dragging a reluctant dog behind him before turning back to walk back past me saying. ‘He doesn’t want to run today, his mind is on food.’
I knew how the dog felt except that food was the last thing on my mind.


How can she be deaf with ears like that?

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