Wednesday, 31 August 2011

If I Forget

'IF I FORGET' From Visual Counterpoint

If I were to forget you
Let the rivers run dry,
If I were to forget your love
Let the stars fall from the sky,
And let me become deaf and dumb
If I forget you before I die.

' I AM IN CHARGE' From Visual Counterpoint

'I CAN DO LINE-DANCING TOO' From Visual Counterpoint

'DID I MAKE A DIFFERENCE?'From Visual Counterpoint
Mais oui, merci mon ami.

This song is dedicated to Chris. He stayed at his post as long as he could.
I have a new bundle of trouble from the Cheshire Dog’s Home. She has already fallen in the canal and I wish I still had my old boy to teach her some manners.


Greg Kiser of 446 photography has decided to take a different path and his website will soon be cancelled. I advise anyone who likes great photographs to use the link on the right to his site while it is available. I wish him success and happiness on his journey.

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