Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Daydream Maker

'FOLLOW ME' From Visual Counterpoint

The daydream maker is busy all night,
Making up everything perfectly right,
A silken canopy grows from old rags,
Stardust is placed in seven sand bags.
The daydream maker works through the night,
Dawn is booked for the maiden flight.

The daydream maker toils in the dark,
Making up everything to hit the mark,
A feather-light basket is woven from clouds,
Thought simply concealed in their soft shrouds,
The daydream maker labours with love,
A free hand covered by a velvet glove.

Scarcely before the day is begun,
The dream maker falls asleep in the sun,
Imagination now free runs wild,
And powered by the breath from a child
The daydream maker’s gift slowly rises,
Dressed in a myriad of disguises.

1 comment:

Rose~* said...

Really enjoyed your poem. Indeed, the daydream maker sure sounds very busy.