Wednesday, 7 September 2011

In a Deep Forest

'IN A DEEP FOREST' From Visual Counterpoint

The richness of the human journey is here. Listen. Pass it on. So that there will not pass from our future the enchantment that begins with the honoured words:
‘Once upon a time long ago and far away, in a deep forest, there lived a child-much like you.’

Deep in the forest,
The Earth holds a diadem,
For a child to find,

Here the quiet depths,
Cast allures that encircle,
The enquiring mind,

Hidden pool of light,
Let me gaze into water,
That reflects my soul.

I would like to thank all the people who have recently commented, e-mailed me and given me encouragement to carry on posting.
The first paragraph is taken from the sleeve of John Barry’s ‘Beyondness of Things’. It seemed appropriate because I am trying to pass on what I see beyond the photographs I take.

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Geo. said...

Photo is enchanting. Poem is as near perfect as I can imagine. Brava.