Sunday, 1 August 2010

Water Music

WATER MUSIC' From Visual Counterpoint

Water is part of the sky as it creates the sea,
It always remembers the air that set it free,
It holds memories of the dance it led over land,
It is life itself given by an open hand.

A closed fist holds nothing except blind rage,
We raise it like animals caught in a cage,
Threatening our neighbours on this world,
Anthems sounding, national flags unfurled.

Only one small cloud can cover the sun,
Only one bullet is required for the gun
To simply kill or merely maim,
The result of treating life like a game.

Mountains create a bridge between earth and sky,
Here both feel the touch when clouds pass by,
Water is the key that unlocks the chest,
The treasure is found in the hearts of the best.

Water surrounds every continent on earth,
Where now man’s greed betrays his birth,
Why did whale and dolphin return to the sea?
They hear music in water better than you or me.


Andy said...

Your talent for painting a picture in my mind and hearing your words flow never cease to amaze me. I only wish I was as talented

Liz said...

I rely on your imagination to paint the picture in your mind from my mere words.
I rely on your talents even more than my own.
Therefore do not wish for anything more than you have been given.
For you have been given the talent to see through many eyes.
I see through mine only dimly and have even greater difficulty in seeing through any others.