Sunday, 29 August 2010

The female spider can eat her mate

I am now receiving emails from Webs announcing new guest book entries from a guest book that I deleted because it was being abused.
Needless to say the entry was moronic.

I am telling everyone this because Webs has perviously forced me to delete my Macro Room because they were unable to remove the name of a Hacker James A Brown Jr c/o as the author of my photographs.
Taher (Webs spokesperson, I have had fun with that name as an anagram! ) said it was impossible to alter the author of an album. It seems that James A Brown knows a lot more about the workings of Webs than the oficial employees.

I now am receiving mail from WEBS regarding a deleted guest book. Deleted because they could not stop the abuse I was receiving. I should have taken the warning and realised they are incapable of stopping the abuse.

I shall be deleting my whole website despite the fact that I have paid up until April 2011 for their 'supreme service' if Taher does not settle this to my complete satisfaction.

Why should I throw away all that money?
I believe that the stress associated with a website mal-administered by WEBS is fast becoming far more expensive.

I will wait 48hrs more (i have waited that already) for a response from Webs.
I will then delete my site and not renew my domain name (pd up until sept 2011)

When I delete those photographs I will be deleting the part of my life that I lived to the fullest.

This journal will probbably not survive the tsunami.

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Rose~* said...

So sorry to hear about your troubles with the web hosting service - I loved looking through your wonderful photos. Please at least keep this blog going, so people can admire your awesome talent, Liz. (((HUGS)))