Thursday, 2 September 2010


Apparently any member of my website can upload photos!
I have removed the membership option for obvious reasons from my website.
I have been told I can re-instate my macro room but I do not understand how this can be done.

Unless I get instructions as clear as those from 'Veronica' as to how to permanently delete my guest book (apparently just deleting it from my site manager page is insufficient) I will not be able to put the photos back.

This whole episode has made me ill and I will not be renewing my website in 2011.

I am very sorry to have upset anyone over this matter especially James A Brown. Although Webs has still to explain how he changed my name for his as the author of the Macro Room.
I freely admit I was wrong to accuse him of unlawfully uploading his photos to my site although I must admit that the altering of the author of the macro room caused me to become less open- minded to his actions.

I have not written anything worth posting not taken any photos worth showing.

Until I do (if ever) this journal is closed.


Andy said...

That is very sad news

DB said...

Liz, I do hope you get things untangled for yourself. Change is good, but don't give up.