Wednesday, 22 September 2010


'A SELFISH WISH' From Notes on the Scale

Dance while the music plays through the night,
The beat asks only that you echo the sound,
By stamping your feet upon the ground,
While the tune is lost in the deafening fight
For reason in such an unreasonable scene,
Here minds are lost before they are found,
Here children’s cries are woven around,
All that is now or has ever been.

Lights circle the victims like vultures waiting,
For the inevitable silence that will follow,
A bitter pill waits in the dark for the morrow,
When the children see the fate they were bating.
Under bright lights that take more than they give,
Young minds are bent to reflect that mood,
Youth replies the only way it knows for more food,
Blind greed in artificial light will live.

Dance to the music but listen to the beat
Of a heart that once played a virtuoso role,
Alone it played and your soul it stole,
So you could thieves forever defeat.
This is a mother’s everlasting gift,
To her child in the face of need,
As the sun wakens the dormant seed,
A simple two-step provides the lift.

'ECHO FROM A STAR' From Notes on the Scale

This song is written as a warning to parents. Loud music can cause deafness.
If you doubt this why do you think workers have to wear ear defenders when they are in charge of machines that do not come near to producing the decibals that your child may dance to.
The children should be protected. Only parents can perform this role adequately.

Do not allow the next generation to become dependent on technology in order to hear the sound of rain falling on the window pane.

The photographs that illustrate this song were taken in Delamere Forest two years ago.
Here children are invited every year to write their wish upon a star that is then tied to the 'Wishing Tree'.
I photographed the two that captured the worst and the best of a child.
These stars both shine, as we must make our way through the darkness.

Starlight is within us all,
The moment of our birth calls to the heavens,
Here is a child.

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