Friday, 17 September 2010

Shadow Play

' SHADOW PLAY' From From Visual Counterpoint . com

When night seems to follow you throughout the day,
Stop, listen and turn around your thought,
For here is much music for the dance,
Here are moonlight pools left to entrance,
Fall into the failure to wake, as you ought,
And in your dreams your heart will always stay.

Play on as shadows lengthen with the day,
Put on the red shoes and dance to death’s call,
For here is such music many have died for,
Here in moonlight many have cried for
Love, to waken a heart dreaming for all,
Shadows pass silently while the open heart lay,

Bleeding for the only truth it always knows,
Locked for the future in the present from the past,
Singing, as the only way to give the key,
From the few that have been to many that will be,
Now is silence irrevocably caste,
And from nothing a symphony grows.

' A SYMPHONY GROWS' From From Visual Counterpoint . com

I do not trust my comprehension of the written word.
Therefore I cannot with any true understanding visit other blogs and comment on them with the ability that I once had and now know I have lost.
I do not expect any comments on my songs that I post since this would seem to depend on my commenting on other blogs.

I have been told that I have a command of the written word. This is incorrect, as I struggle to comprehend words that have not been born from my own thoughts.


Connie said...

You comprehend not only the written word,but the feelings of words.You put those feelings into thoughts and those thoughts into the written word. Your words resonate more love,more pain more joy than most people will ever feel in their lifetime. Not only do you write what you feel but you capture it in photographs like no other photographer that I have ever seen. You underestimate yourself and your expertise.

Jeanie said...

And yet.. your own words from your own thoughts do have a great deal of power in them.
Jeanie x