Thursday, 30 September 2010


'A PALER SHADE 'From Words speak for Thoughts

The beat is simple; the music flows,
Here a light is hidden yet shines bright,
Night draws the curtain up on the world,
Stars dance; the moon enters, stage right.

Where is the music to herald the queen?
What bird dares to sing her song?
Silence accompanies heavenly grace,
While the nightingale thrills the throng,

With tales this day paid to the past,
She climbs the scale and dives into the deep,
Then simply asks of one and all,
Do you hear my song or sleep?

A small, insignificant brown bird sings,
The stars answer with light from long ago,
The new moon smiles and greets her song
With reflection from the only star not on show.


Andy said...

Your talent never ceases to amaze me

Jeanie said...

That was beautiful Liz.

Jeanie xx

Rose~* said...

Enjoyed this a lot, Liz - my comments are few and far between, as I am currently having a difficult time trying to type. I went and dislocated my shoulder and it is quite inflamed. :::Sigh:::

Liz said...

Take time out.