Friday, 10 September 2010

The Edge

I have listened to the voice of reason that would attempt to keep me sane.
This is my song to those that find themselves close to the edge.

I found the reason for living in myself.

'THE EDGE' From Visual Counterpoint

The edge isn’t clear even when near,
The end isn’t known even when shown,
The future is not now it arrives somehow,
The past was lost at unrecoverable cost.

One and one when added together give two,
But take one from the other and nought will ensue.

The edge binds the book that all boundaries forsook,
The end leaves all behind but with much more to find,
The future waits to be seen like a queen,
The past in a closed window lies decorated with dead flies.

One and one when multiplied together make one,
Taking everything from each other and so only one won.

The edge to me is clear and very near,
The end I lost when I failed to count the cost,
The future will open a door to even more,
The past died with the last words that I cried,

‘One is one and all alone and evermore shall be so,
Unless one comes as a pair that both know.'

'WE COME AS A PAIR' From Visual Counterpoint
Sometimes it takes two to become one that then looks beyond itself to create time that will contain space for the future.

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Andy said...

So pleased to see another wonderful entry from you.