Monday, 23 August 2010

The Arrowhead- a pointed tip

'THE LIGHT OF CREATION' From Let the end try the man

'THE DAWN OF TIME' From Let the end try the man

Bathed in the light of creation,
We stand at the dawn of Time,
Many will follow gaining knowledge,
Few will wear wisdom’s crown.

The spirit of man belongs to the universe,
Born of starlight he must return
That life he was freely given in death,
Curious courage pays the debt.

The arrow will fly straight and true,
While gravity waltzes with light,
We strive to rise above our lowly birth,
Space, on the sidelines, waits.

The arrow will fly alongside us,
Straight and true it stands for every moment,
Yet passes all that we hold dear,
On the journey to encompass truth,

'PASSING ALL WE HOLD DEAR' From Let the end try the man

The arrow will fly without guidance,
Light is dimmed and the simple dance ceases,
The floor is taken by dark energy,
Wisdom enters the stage.

The arrow will fly toward death,
Piercing the heart of the universe,
No music is written for the silenced beat,
Composers always echo life.

The free spirit that led us so far,
Will stand at the end of Time,
With more than the power given to Gods,
And wear eternity’s crown.

Wherever we may find ourselves,
We must have evolved by natural selection
In order to survive the universe’s changes,
And successfully reach the last resting place.

We will see with different eyes
The darkness that always surrounds us,
We will hear silence and envy those
That knew the universe when it was young

'WHEN THE UNIVERSE WAS YOUNG' From Let the end try the man

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