Friday, 27 August 2010

Please note that I have had to remove the Macro Room from my website because James A Brown Jr. (please email at Took it into his (vacant?) head to upload his own photographs to my site that I pay for (I am in discussions with Webs on this point) then ascribe his dubious name to my Macro Room.
I deleted his photographs without looking at them. I had no intention of seeing his ability as far as the camera is concerned.
Webs have told me that the name cannot be deleted from the album so I have deleted the album.
I will think again when the renewal of my site payment comes up.
‘Webs’ doesn’t hold my confidence at the moment.

I now deal with the pathetic mail from James A Brown Jr.

The last title is well earned believe me.

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Andy said...

It is bad, no worse than that when people hijack another persons site. Seems to be sadly lacking in moral integrity