Monday, 23 August 2010

Drugs Abuse the Innocent

I am a child

I am burning; I am fire,
I am hatred; I am desire,
I am alive; I am dead,
I am nothing; I am all instead.

I am silence; I am noise,
I am playing; but not with toys,

I am a child that wished to learn,
Now I want to die in the fires that burn,

Take a moment to see the child you love here,
Take a moment to hear a cry torn from fear,
Take a moment from your busy life to catch love’s ghost,
Then you take more than a moment from regret’s loud boast.

Or walk away, leaving nought,
Because you never encompassed thought,

Don’t ask me for the answers to your life,
Don’t ask me to solve your strife,

I am only a child.

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