Friday, 23 April 2010

Saturn , the bringer of old age

Some have told me that my words create a picture for them.

They are wrong; for they create the picture themselves when they connect their own emotions to the words that they read.

There are no photographs accompanying this song.
I have yet to capture anything with my camera that can come close to the picture that my mind has seen.
Therefore I leave my words to run a ring around my friends and complete the circle.
A circle that has no beginning or end.

Ring O Ring O’ Roses,
A pocketful of posies,
Hush, hush, hush, hush,
We are all tumbled down.

The sound of singing must resound,
The light reflected shine through night,
No human hand can touch this world,
That lives to show our birth unfurled,

Here fears are found running a race,
Carving a way through time and space,
The sound of singing must resound,
The night illuminated by reflected light.

Life stands on the stage and simply asks,
Who am I to question Time and his tasks?
The echo of the call creates the fall,
And winter breathes when autumn leaves.

Where is reason to defend this treason?
Gifts are laid that will be betrayed,
Echo the hand that once touched this earth,
Illuminate the night with one star’s birth.

And when light fails to show the way,
Know that you are here to stay,
Gripped by grief; life all too brief,
Death’s aim guides the end of the game.

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