Thursday, 22 April 2010

The World

'THE UNKNOWN STAGE' From Visual Counterpoint

The curtain rises on an unknown stage,
The floorboards are alien to my feet,
I cannot see the audience; the lights dazzle me,
So I cannot feel the line,
No time leaves a worthy thought,
No thought is worthy of time,
The king is madness,
And requires a queen.

'THE MUSIC PLAYS' From Visual Counterpoint

The music plays while my thoughts unravel,
Where is the thread that holds the theme?
Running like water through my fingers,
So I cannot tie the knot,
No moment lasts,
No thought is worthy of time,
Thoughtlessness is king.
I refuse to be queen.

'THE FINISHING TOUCH' From Visual Counterpoint

Wild is the moment that wins the day,
When the theme finds the finishing touch,
A single thread ran from beginning to end,
So it will tie every knot,
Every moment lasts,
Thought is worthy of time,
The king is dead; long live the king,
I am unable to be queen.

'LONG LIVE THE KING' From Visual Counterpoint

The curtain falls courtesy of the night,
The thread passé, lost and faded,
Belongs to the memories of those that live,
So time will tie the knot,
That is owed to every moment,
In the silence that will last forever,
For there a king lives,
Dreaming of a queen.

'DREAMING OF A QUEEN' From Visual Counterpoint

The 'finishing touch' is courtesy of my granddaughter Estelle.

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Andy said...

Again your words paint a picture in my mind. I have read your last few entries but I have not had time to comment until now.