Wednesday, 7 April 2010

In Spades

'DIG A HOLE DEEP ENOUGH' From Visual Counterpoint

Dig a hole deep enough; you will see a star
That still shines within the darkness below,
There is the sight that once blazed a trail,
There is the light that once could not fail,
There is the fight that once fought to derail
All that creates conflict and simply show,
In darkness the devil’s dream is never far.

Dig a hole deep enough; you will see a grave
That creates the space to save all free souls,
There is the moment that holds a beating heart,
There is the touch of hands that cannot part,
There is the sound of the gun for the start,
All that creates conflict takes independent roles,
In darkness light’s dream is for the brave.

Dig a hole deep enough; you will see a hole,
That engulfs all space and cancels time’s beat,
There the music plays silently from the heart,
There are the hands that will never part,
There is the seed for a brave new start,
All that creates conflict wisdom will defeat,
In darkness infinity takes the eternal role.

The dandelion has a taproot that not only reaches far into the earth but also will regenerate the whole plant if any part of it remains.
Some see it only as a weed.
I see it as nature showing us the way that the earth cares for all.

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Connie said...

a weed that has leaves to be eaten,to nourish ones body,a crown that sends it's seeds billowing to replant itself where it lands with no effort from anyone. a weed that grows in the cracks of a hot sidewalk with little water and no fertilizer,no tending whatsoever, to bring forth it's life even when trampled on. It's endurance through chaos and strife to exist,only speaks of it's will to survive... the beauty it's flower holds, only those with true vision can was created with exactness, that the bumblebee appreciates...