Friday, 23 April 2010

Here, there and everywhere

'LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS' From Visual Counterpoint

Here is the moment I can grasp,
I feel its’ colour as it grows in the grass
Like a small daisy scorned, it flowers unseen,
Gives light to the darkness,
All within,
Here is the moment I can grasp.

'THE MOMENT THAT PASSED ME BY'From Visual Counterpoint

There is the moment that passed me by,
I felt its’ colour as it faded fast,
I heard the notes running down the scale,
I saw through the darkness,
A shadow,
There is the moment that passed me by.

'NOWHERE IS THE NIGHT' From Visual Counterpoint

Everywhere is a moment I can touch,
I caress colour as it creates beauty,
Nowhere is a night that can darken my day,
I see with the aid of light,
Living truth,
Everywhere is a moment I can touch.


Rose~* said...

Wonderful photos, Liz. "The moment that passed me by" reminds me of self-reflection. Thanks for sharing.

DB said...

On my way home the other day I stopped to rest at a place that had few flowers or trees. I noticed one lone flower I hadn't seen before and stopped to admire it's beauty and it's brave unconcern at being by itself. I had been the moment that passed it by. But now I will stop and visit whenever I pass that way.


ADB said...

Stunning pictures, Liz.
Your writing is profound, and I enjoyed returning to Visual Counterpoint.

Liz said...

You have well defined a moment as the product of force and distance from its line of action to a point.

Connie said...

Oh Liz you are such an artist in photography and prose. You should be famous my friend..well you ARE to me....