Thursday, 8 April 2010

? Major or Minor *

'IT GIVES THE EARTH FROM THE SKY' From Visual Counterpoint

Water holds the key,
It rains from the heavens,
It runs though our fingers,
It stands to give a level,
It gives the earth from the sky,
When it flows to the sea.
'IT RISES TO GIVE THE EARTH TO ME' From Visual Counterpoint

Music holds the key,
Standing proud on peaks,
And like a river that runs fast,
Flooding over rocks,
It dives into the deep,
Then rises to give the earth to me.
'IT SEEKS THE WAY' From Visual Counterpoint

A moment holds the key,
Time flows like a river,
Without banks for stability,
Seeking a way not yet found,
Finding a way not yet sought,
Then passes to run free.
'IT GIVES LIFE TO THE EARTH AND SKY' from Visual Counterpoint

Water holds the key,
It opens the closed door,
It runs through our lives,
It stands to give a level,
It gives life to the earth and sky,
Then falls: to sleep in the sea.

*It all depends on the degree and where you take an interval...


Connie said...

without water we would not be,
nor the leaf on a tree,
not a single flower or bumble bee;
there could be no rivers to run to a sea,
without precious water- nothing could be.


Rose~* said...

I agree with Connie - enjoyed this post, very much.