Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Once Upon a Time

'ONCE UPON A TIME' From Here There and Everywhere

Once I crawled under a new spring sky,
Unthinkingly reaching for my goal,
Only to learn that in finding my feet,
Stability innocence stole.

Once I lay under a summer sky,
I saw in clouds all that I knew,
Including a unicorn that proudly pranced
Through flying fish while sheep formed a queue.

Once I fell under an autumn sky,
With leaves that careered through the air,
Here I breathed life into animals I love,
My heart and soul were laid bare.

Once I stood under a winter sky,
Unable to understand words; I lied,
The child in me sought the only way out,
While the adult secretly cried.

Once upon a time I was born,
Once upon a time I could see,
Once upon a time I tried to learn,
Once upon a time I will be free.

I have tried to communicate in words and pictures but I have failed.

I am a failure.

1 comment:

Andy said...

You have NOT failed! Your pictures and words are fantastic and conjure up such lovely thoughts in my mind