Saturday, 9 October 2010

'You're going the wrong way, damn it.'

'A HOG IN THE HAND' From Here There and Everywhere

Damn me, not the way; remember
The way given is for innocence to stand,
Like a virgin beach left by the sea,
It is our footprints despoil the sand.

Damn me for the hatred in my heart,
Damn me for thinking all my life,
Damn me for questioning

Damn me not the way; remember
The way is laid by time for all,
Like a ribbon of light thrown by a star,
It is our shadow that throws the pall.

Damn me for selfishness in my soul,
Damn me for thoughtlessness though my life,
Damn me for not questioning

Damn me not the way; remember
The way will be laid for many feet,
A few will make a mark so deep,
That the wages of sin cannot defeat.

Damn me for the pride in myself,
Damn me for the prejudice in my mind,
Damn me for not hearing
The question.

Damn me not the way.

The photograph is one of my five African Hedgehog babies. He has since been named Zorro because he now displays a magnificent chocolate mask.


Andy said...

What a lovely picture

Rose~* said...

Hi Liz! Your baby hedgehog looks adorable. Cute little things, they are - for sure.

❤Connie Higginbotham❤ said...

I for one would never Damn you are a soft soul,one who has befallen many trials and struggles and never once deserved it or the circumstance that has become so much a part of your life struggle.
I can only look up to you and revere you as you have such talent that shines through your darkest days.