Friday, 13 February 2009

Shutters Open

From Colour Contrast Continuity

Over the water the laughter ran,
Like an echo of a bubbling brook,
Only requiring a fleeting look
From one that shows how silence can
Speak louder than any shout or scream,
And send it dancing on its’ way,
Showing the joy of innocent play,
That must pass like a fading dream.

Do not cry for the loss of youth,
Remember the follies and smile,
Maturity brings grace and style,
That dances with the light of truth.
Hearts shining with an inner glow,
Illuminate the darkest hour,
And like the lily’s fragrant flower
Bring fresh beauty where waters flow.

Over the ages let wisdom show,
That truth is in the simplest law,
And less always proves to be more,
Wherever it’s allowed to grow.
No song can match a silent grace,
That captures light with every move,
And then reflects it all to prove
Chaos can’t disturb serenity’s face.

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