Sunday, 12 April 2009


'From Beyond the Horizon' From Visual Counterpoint

From beyond the horizon dawn breaks,
Some hear the silent music it makes,
And sing a joyful song again,
The sun returns to the heavens to reign,
First lighting up the skies far above,
While the Earth waits for the warmth of love,
Winter sways to the rhythm she must beat,
And spring soon cold darkness will defeat.

'First Light' From Visual Counterpoint
The water will reflect the light that falls,
Rivers will carry the echo of the calls
To their final destination in the past
Where the dawn of life broke loneliness at last,
And grew to listen to the music all around,
Searching for that one special sound,
To finally find the source not of this world,
For from beyond the horizon dawn is unfurled.
'Light not from This World' From Visual Counterpoint

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Rose~* said...

Loved your pictures of the morning dawn. A favourite time of mine, especially in the Spring. All the birds are singing their chorus of tunes around 5am. I find it a wonderful way to greet my day. (((HUGS))