Friday, 3 April 2009

Whispering Sands

This week's challenge is Footprints.

I wasn't going to attempt to post anything again after the problems I have been experiencing until I saw Greg's entry and again his photographic art encouraged me to try once more.

I only had two photographs that were suitable. Both were taken after the light snowfall we had here and I wrote a song that I hope adds a little warmth.

The third photograph is to finish the 'visual counterpoint' for the song.

My dog's Footprints
From Colour Contrast Continuity

My shoe-print
From Colour Contrast Continuity

My dog truly left footprints in the snow,
I left shoe-prints,
I left nothing personal that marked my way,
My dog left more.

The sands of time shall hold my footprints,
As I walk on,
I will leave my thoughts to mark my way,
The sands will sing.

The present echoes what has passed this way,
Time lives in space,
The sand shall fall steadily through this glass,
The present is.

From Colour Contrast Continuity

The Sands of Dunnet Bay whisper an echo of the sunset


madcobug said...

A beautiful sunset. Helen

Carly said...

Hi Liz

Well done! I love both the paw prints and the shoe print, and the sunset is stunning. Great job! Glad you could play along.


Rose~* said...

Lovely poem and pictures, Liz. Blogger takes awhile to get used to when it comes to using photos. I found that posting them to a "Photobucket" account and then linking the picture, is helpful with posts. Sometimes I just get lazy and upload them directly, which turns out differently for most.

Wammy said...

When I first saw the dog print I thought it was a much bigger animal...say wolf...little do I know. The sunset is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it also.

Suzanne R said...

Neat pawprints and footprint, as well as song. The sunset is lovely, too.