Sunday, 5 April 2009

Death of Reason

From Visual Counterpoint

I dance in the darkness of night,
I sing my song under moonlight,
I stand in Death’s shadow yet live,
The reason must be I have more to give,
More than the lies that surround me,
More than the betrayal from thee,
I live to sing beyond your sight,
I live in everlasting light.

I strive to see in the darkness of night,
I sing silently under the moonlight,
I stand in the shadow of death’s shame,
The reason is we all must do the same,
Now or at our last hour and finally meet,
The music that eternally plays so sweet,
That all our songs sound incomplete,
But love our death shall for love defeat.

I die because I choose to silently lie,
I sing no more upon the wave of a sigh,
I stand waiting for death to claim my song,
The reason swims in the river where I belong,
No angels will watch where I have been,
No music will play to what I have seen,
For I could not speak the words to afford
To pay the musicians, I spent it all on the sword.

1 comment:

Rose~* said...

Wonderful poem, Liz. I could almost see the sword in your picture as well. ~Take care