Tuesday, 28 April 2009


'Hold Hope High' From Colour Contrast Continuity

Go to bed tonight and sleep away
Any thoughts that would constantly say,
‘This world and every soul in it will die
For the lies told,’ and the child will cry,
‘Stop! While I have time to live,
For we have yet much more to give’.

Listen to the child this world gave,
In simplicity we hear thoughts that save,
Live for the wonder of every day,
Go with words on your lips that say
‘I died trying to live with the thought,
I was given far more than I sought’.

Dream! Let your imagination fly,
Never allow the child in you die,
Carry your hopes and hold them high,
For in them your future will lie,
The darkness holds no fear for light,
That brings to the blind sight,

'Darkness holds no fear for light' From Colour Contrast Continuity


Rose~* said...

"Never allow the child in you die" - my motto, for sure. It certainly awoke the day my daughters were born, and hopefully again when the grand babies arrive. Loved your pictures!

Oz Girl said...

I love this poem, so, so true. We all need to keep our inner child alive, our dreams alive. Your photos are exceptional, as always!