Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The End

I am finding it virtually impossible to post anything on my blog Visual Counterpoint.
I like the word ‘virtual’ in this context.
I shall be putting my photographs on my website from now on and I don’t think I will even try to write the words that come into my mind with the pictures that I take.
I have no idea why I am being blocked at every turn and quite frankly I do not care anymore.
I never thought anything that I write is of any worth so I am more than happy to stop.
After a suitable time of mourning I shall delete this blog.


ADB said...

I am sorry to note that you are experiencing technical difficulties, to such an extent that you feel you have to cease blogging. A shame. I'll bookmark your site. Hope all is well.


Connie said...

I got pOed and deleted a few of mymany blogs and quit the two photo groups I was in.But PLEASE don't you leave altogether..even if only one person comes around and recogizes your talents that surely is worth it.I love your poetry and your photos.
Many hugs