Thursday, 15 January 2009

I Will Not Lie

Don’t ask me to promise you a walk tomorrow,
Don’t plead with me to go that way,
I let you down and I will again,
You’re just a dog and can’t understand my pain,
It rose to murder me today,
And the best of me died to my great sorrow.

Don’t ask me to forgive when sorry’s not been said,
And mistakes are covered by corruption and lies,
Don’t expect me to be an angel of peace,
When the torture I’m left in doesn’t cease,
Don’t look to me for one who always tries
To help when for truth my heart lies dead.

Don’t look at me with those soft brown eyes,
I’m a human being that will frequently fail,
All I can do is say sorry to you,
All I can say is I’ve tried my best to do
What’s right but today I drove another nail
Into my coffin fashioned by others’ cruel lies.

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