Thursday, 15 January 2009


Long lost are the sheep this gate was built to hold,
Briars proclaim this land belongs to the bold,
Only the wild can live in chaos and grow,
Only a passing shadow shall any way show,
The message lying unopened left by the weak,
For time still hides the unspoken words of the meek.

No rampant rage shall ever read truth’s sign,
No greed will ever gather the simplest design,
No music will play through airs thick with lies,
No song shall be sung where arrogance flies,
No thought of this stays a moment more in a mind,
That remains open to anything better it might find.

Lost, lost, lost the wind will echo the sound
Long may all weep for this defiled ground,
Long may the shadows cast a memory to wake
The conscience of any follower for love’s sake,
Here my heart’s song shall live for ever and a day,
Having found no other place that wants it to stay.

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