Saturday, 3 January 2009


Winter’s song strides over hedgerow and field,
Hands are held up as if to yield
The stage to a voice with the right to be heard,
A sharp air silences every opposing word,
Secrets of the night held with fragile fingers,
Echo through the morning and the music lingers,
Where bee hovered on hot summer days,
A silent serenade to the stars now plays.

Memory of moonlight moves through the mist,
No romantic emotion could surely resist
Lifting a heart onto this luminous cloud,
And share the serenity of this soft shroud,
Carried on waves of gentle reflection,
Succumbing to celestial direction,
The moment is captured and creates in space
Timeless music that only love may trace.

Deep furrows follow the harvester’s track,
A fish frozen in water smiles silently back,
Here lie the remains of last year’s crop,
Water no longer weeps but fashions each drop
With the magic wand of a winter night
And forms a dream that flowers with delight,
Leaning on a leaf from past strength it grows,
And glisters with light and a beauty that shows.

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