Monday, 26 January 2009

Rob has explained all the phenomena that were occurring on the new computer were due to a faulty wireless keyboard and mouse.
Apparently this caused the start menu to appear at will, the pages of blogs I was trying to read to scroll uncontrollably to the bottom and the pointer to refuse to move to where I was directing it.
I now have another new keyboard and mouse.
What the above does not explain is the fact that interference with the smooth operation of the pointer and this scrolling was occurring on my old laptop as well. On one occasion whilst I was checking the blogs that I follow by reading the dashboard information it scrolled up and down stopping at a blog title then going off again frequently changing direction. I was not touching anything. The movement across the screen made me nauseous and it went on for at least one minute maybe more. I had to shut my eyes to stop the inevitable headache from developing. I could not possibly read the words that appeared for only a short time.
I didn’t bother to tell this to Rob because I know his answer would be that my old laptop was on the verge of crashing which of course it did this weekend. Personally I am not surprised it crashed and I know how it felt.
Rob has wiped my laptop and used the recovery disc to put back the original settings. I am loath to put AOL onto it again but he says he needs to upgrade XP via the net because it is now without the service pack that windows had downloaded. Also the Oxford Thesaurus disc requires the computer to be linked to the Internet in order to load it.
I am not yet sure what I shall do. I have had serious thoughts over the weekend to cancel AOL and go offline. If I do I will post the end to the science fiction story ‘A Meeting of Minds’ for any that are following it.
I have deleted the posts on Home the Journey because they was written in anger and bitterness but I do not retract the ones here.
I am now unable to get online.
I will wait for Rob to get in tonight. This new computer is becoming a pain.
I have gone back to Rob's laptop to post this, as the new computer still will not connect.
I have been trying to write another chapter for A Meeting of Minds on the new computer. It now is refusing to even allow me to type on the next line and leaves a massive gap.
I do not need this kind of stress.
I shall attempt to finish the story for those that are following it.
Everything that has and is happening to me now convinces me the sooner I cancel AOL and all internet connection the better it will be for me.

Rob has removed AOL and Internet connection from the new computer.
I shall use his laptop to post the rest of the story.

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