Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Naturally Less Than Enough

Out of date and dumped,
Machinery once useful and productive lies rusting,
A support only for briars,
In a forgotten corner of a forgotten field,
Thankful for the camouflage,
Hiding from unsympathetic eyes,
Here a part of history dies.

Look at the land lain to waste,
Once tilled and productive now nature is reclaiming,
As support for only herself,
This rejected source of a rejected spring,
Thankful for the rescued rest,
Hiding from unsympathetic eyes,
Here with the past history dies.

Hammer and anvil were both held
By time and in each moment dwelled,
Choices were made, which one to be,
Blows rang down through eternity,
What deeds were forged between the two
Now forgotten by all but a few.

Wisdom will walk away,
Darkness of night is now steadily creeping,
To support only the silence,
And a dying sun of a dying day
Thankful for the dreams of sleep,
Hiding from unsympathetic eyes,
Here in earth’s history now lies.

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