Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Run, Fly, Dream

Run, run away, run back and run free,
You should not have come anywhere near me,
My touch is death; my heart is cold stone,
You would do well to leave me alone.
I am like quicksand; no firm footing here,
I am like water falling over the weir,
I will only bring sadness to you,
So leave, as all who get to know me do.

Fly, fly away, fly far and fly free,
I am already dead; that’s my grave not me,
I have nothing to give and nothing to hide,
There is absolutely nothing worth anything inside,
I’m not the ring I’m what it holds,
Like a black hole that space-time eternally folds,
Do not look back; speed on your way,
Fly to tomorrow; forget yesterday today.

Dream, dream away, dream on and dream free,
And when you wake you may remember me
For a fleeting moment before memory is lost,
And back into this mad world you are tossed,
Or suddenly you may feel a faint touch like a breeze,
Then this crazy world that surrounds you will freeze,
Once more we will dance; once more we will sing,
Once more we will hear the joy music can bring.

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