Sunday, 4 January 2009

A Track to be left

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T is for Track

The beaten earth freezes a fraction of time,
Preserving an echo of the past that imprinted
Its’ pain onto the ground below.

I hear the pounding of many feet,
I feel their weight walking on my open heart,
I shudder under the lines of stress,
As destiny drives over my dearest dream.

I remember riding by a silver moon,
And singing a song that I wrote to love,
There is the sign my dream passed this way,

Foolishness tells me to follow this track,
With faith and hope to call that song back,
Sensibility would win and fly to the sky,
Sense simply prevails and I walk on by.

You may like to go to ‘Serenade’ which has more photographs of tracks and a song I wrote after this one. It gives a different view of the track left by the harvester.


Martha said...

Great entry Liz! I hope all is well in your world. Sorry I haven't been around much lately.

The linking list will be up in a few minutes :-)

Julie said...

very creative. It has been fun seeing what everyone is coming up with for the letter.

Tami said...

Very creative! Great Post!!!!!

Linda :) said...

Tracks!! I love it, especially the horseshoe.... :)