Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Ugly is in the Eye of the Beholder

Martha's A-Z Photo challenge has arrived at the letter U
U is for Ugly Duckling
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U is for ugly in feathers of brown,
That will be unwrapped for snowy white down,
U is for the ugly word and deed
And underhand from where those slights lead,
U with an umlaut I learned is a Mac.Smile,
Understanding can take me quite a long while,
U is for until we shall meet again,
In an unknown country where the future is lain,


Julie said...

Very beautiful and not ugly at all.

Martha said...

That's beautiful Liz - certainly nothing ugly about it!

Nancy said...

Wow...that's fantastic. I always loved that story as a kid, and now I have a beautiful poem w/ photos to love again as an adult.


Lin said...

I always loved that story, too. I remember Danny Kaye singing it in a movie, and it always made me cry. There are no ugly ducklings!

Linda :) said...

Great job! and beautiful pictures! :)