Thursday, 15 January 2009

A Promise of Joy that Grows to Glory

Through dark days and the bitter winter night,
Sealed buds promises silently keep,
Snaking cruel winds carelessly sweep
Between bare branches exposed to their might,
A low sun sends weary softer rays,
To gently touch the frosted black bark,
Every point of light leaves its’ star’s mark,
Kindling a moment so memory stays.

The secrets of sunshine held by a tree,
Cast shadows that reach through time into spring,
The warmth of joy such patience will bring,
When no longer imprisoned and breaks free,
Rings through the years with life’s strident call,
And sings from the heart of youthful dreams,
Dances with magical silver moonbeams,
At the equinox evening ball.

A lingering song long summer days swell
Into soft warm wide starry-eyed nights,
Where sweet scented air a dream delights,
And time would stop in one moment to dwell,
Yet nowhere shall nature soundlessly sleep,
The music grows with every wing beat,
When bat, butterfly and bird pass over wheat,
And fortune ripens for the future to reap.

A young oak holds fast to autumnal glory,
Whilst all around the earth claims her right,
To the gown of gold for the coming night,
Here she mirrors a moving love story,
A blustering breeze plays through the tree,
Leaves dance and laugh with childlike delight,
Celebrating the end of a lifetime’s fight,
Released from care the song encircles me.

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